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  • Ryan David

    Ryan David

    I’ve seen some horrible things and the burden of that terror is shouldered by the very writing you see. Oh, I’m a satirist. http://ryanhasinternet.com

  • Kristen Stark

    Kristen Stark

    Writing nonsense and calling it humor. Mom of 2. Air Fryer Owner. Former Appendix Owner.

  • Roxanne Barbour

    Roxanne Barbour

    I have been reading science fiction since the age of eleven. I have written many scifi novels including and AN ALIEN COLLECTIVE, ALIEN INNKEEPER, SACRED TRUST.

  • Dr Damon Ashworth

    Dr Damon Ashworth

    Dr Damon Ashworth is an Australian Clinical Psychologist currently volunteering with the National Mental Health Program at Vanuatu's Ministry of Health

  • Tycoonstoryharitha


    Tycoonstory is the largest Online Network for Entrepreneurs & Startups.

  • Jack S

    Jack S

    I had an original idea. Jack Silverman Economics: a new formulation that replaces “private” capitalism with the idea that there are public/social aspects.

  • Naomi Yaeger

    Naomi Yaeger

    Naomi Yaeger passionate about environmental sustainability and writes to educate.

  • Cat Winske

    Cat Winske

    Expat Nerd with a Rock ’n’ Roll Band / Freelance Cannabis Writer / www.ZipoliteBeachBillies.com

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